Badger Bowl


Rental Includes:


  • 1-Bartender
  • 2 – 65 inch flat screen TV’s!  These TV’s can be used as a tv, display for pictures or videos, or for a power point presentation
  • 160 people seated capacity
  • Microphone
  • Satellite radio
  • (additional AV equipment available)
  • Privacy of a full service custom bar
  • Log Cabin design & decor
  • Perfect for Anniversaries, holiday parties, wedding receptions, company gatherings, birthday parties and business meetings
  • Banquet Menu, holiday party menu, party trays, pizza and custom menus available.
  • We offer food, beverages, bowling and any entertainment needed
  • Flexibility to layout room as you would like
  • Flexibility to run tabs, count pitchers, purchase kegs
  • Keg/half barrels can be purchased! Please call for pricing
  • Deposits of full rental price to be paid when room is booked
  • Rental Fee Deposits are not refundable!!




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