Badger Bowl

Wicked Lily

Wicked Lily is a rockin’ cover band that is based out of Milton, WI. With our band members hailing from Madison, Milton, and Rockford, we span the stateline with our rock n’ roll. We are always ready to play a gig, and have a growing following as we expand the venues and events that we play at.

As you listen to the tunes we play, you will realize that we live up to both sides of our name. We play the “Lily” tunes, which are the popular, girl-rock songs that you would expect an all-girl band to play. Then we have our “Wicked” side, which is more in-your-face, hard rock tunes that you may not expect. It’s been said that our whole demeanor changes when we break into our harder tunes.

As we’ve grown throughout the years, we have opened for many popular local and semi-national cover bands. Here are just a few: LUBE, DOT DOT DOT, Cherry Pie, Bad Animals, Automatic (now End Fight Scene), Pulse, Heartbreaker, Plan B, Hazmat, Tuscan Road, and others.


“Long Way Down”

Madisons Favorite Family Entertainment Center