Badger Bowl

The Love Monkeys

LoveMonkeys (noun)

PRONOUNCED: [luhv muhng-kees]


(1) Native Milwaukee band known best for entertaining the heck out of their audiences;

(2) Crazy group of guys who play instruments, jump around on a stage, and have a curious fondness for animals of the primate variety;

(3) John (lead vocals), Keith (lead guitar/vocals), Nick (bass/vocals), Jason (drums), Daryl (guitar/vocals), and Carlos (percussion); Featured Guests: vocalist Jamaican Dancehall Superstar JD Rankin’ and renowned Wisconsin Session Man David Adler

(4) Performers of rock, pop, reggae, country, and original music – can be found frequenting local festivals, bars, and womens locker rooms;

(5) A legendary live performance like you’ve never experienced!

USED IN A SENTENCE: The LoveMonkeys rocked my world at the festival last night

SYNONYMS: Entertaining, charismatic, fun, and energetic


Love Monkeys at Summerfest 2011

Madisons Favorite Family Entertainment Center