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Devils Fen

Devil’s Fen began with two cousins. The name was chosen from the family’s common name, Osterholz, which is also a district of Germany from which the family originated. The Osterholz-Scharmbeck district of Germany is home to one of the largest fens in the world. A fen is a wetland, like a bog, only it is rarer and has more of a neutral pH as it is fed by groundwater, whereas a bog is acidic as it is fed by rainwater. The German word for this fen is Teufelsmoor. It translates as Devil’s Fen.

Devil’s Fen relishes in improvisation, while staying grounded in melody, harmony and groove. To see them live is to experience something new each time, whether it be three-part vocal harmonies or heavy hitting guitar leads. Their debut EP is a blend ranging from blues, southern boogie, and rock. Devil’s Fen is a collective that allows everyone in the band a chance to shine. They are constantly reaching for the process in which the sum of the parts – the songs and the band, are greater than the parts themselves. Since all four members of Devil’s Fen are related by past experience, and in some cases blood, the notion of a group is enhanced, and the result is a musical tribe.Devil’s Fen is 21st Century American Rock N’ Roll.



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