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2013 Kurt Davids New Years Eve Results

Craig Hull edged David Labinski 289-276 in a thrilling title match of the Kurt Davids Memorial New Year’s Eve Day Handicap Singles Tournament at Badger Bowl on Tuesday.

When Labinski, a right-handed power player, opened with a double and then left a 3-6-10, probably no one in the building imagined that he was eliminated. Labinski made the spare and struck out to his 10th frame fill ball 9-count.

Hull, a lefty tweener, had the first nine strikes but still needed a good count and spare in the 10th to win. He rolled his Storm VIRTUAL GRAVITY NANO flush in the pocket for a strike, followed with a shot through the face that left a 7-pin and converted it for the 289 and win.

First was $800 and second $420.

The tournament drew 145, 155 and 145 bowlers the last three years when New Year’s Eve fell on the weekend or a day adjacent to the weekend. But on a Tuesday, when fewer people have off work, the field was “only” 98 bowlers. That’s still a solid turnout.

The cut to the top 24 on the Badger Bowl house shot was 948 for four games.

The remainder of the prize list was $210 for third and fourth, $130 for fifth through eighth, $90 for ninth through 16th, and $61 for 17th through 24th. The top eight received a first round bye.

In the semifinals, Hull crushed defending champion and fellow lefty Dal Geitz 269-216 and Labinski edged Jay Heinzelman 225-215 with a clutch 10th frame double.

The match play field included youth bowlers and brothers Tyler and Quinn Sheehy and one woman, Becky Murphy.

I bowled both squads, rolling 939 first and 906 second as I simply couldn’t find the right combination to carry consistently.

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Tuesday, December 31, 2013 10:00 pm

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