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Badger’s 9 Pin Team Challenge Rules

Badger’s 9 Pin Tap Tournament rules and regulations
USBC rules to apply

1. Men, Women, or mixed teams may participate in this tournament.
2. Scratch is 220, 100% handicap based on team average of 660. Teams over 660 average bowl scratch
3. Twenty-one games in a USBC sanctioned league constitute an established average.
4. Bowlers are reminded of their responsibility to determine that entering averages are correct. Failure to use proper average or make a correction prior to time of bowling may disqualify the score if the submitted average is lower than the actual average, or base prize winnings on submitted average if it is higher. Intentional falsification of averages will result in forfeiture of entry fees and prize winnings.
5. Entrants will use their highest USBC sanctioned league average for the 2012-2013 season. If no average for the 2012-2013 season will use their highest current season average of 21 games or more, as of the time of bowling. No Sport bowling averages will be allowed. All others will bowl scratch.
a. Rule No.319d of the USBC Sanctioned Tournament Rules will apply to both men and women entrants. If requested, entrant’s record of tournament scores must be submitted by the entrant within 10 days after date of request to avoid disqualification.
b. Entrants who have qualified for a prize of $600 or more in any event in a tournament within the previous 12 months period must report his/her winnings, score, position and name and place of tournament to the Tournament Manager prior to time of bowling. It is each entrants responsibility to report his/her scores in any tournament where the prize payment has not been made but in which he/she has qualified for $600 or more.
c. Entrants who have received an Association Re-Rate or have been re-rated in other tournaments must report such re-rates to the Tournament Management before bowling.
d. When the previous season’s average is used. And at the time of bowling an entrant has a current average for 21 or more games that is 15 pins or more higher than the prior season’s average, the current average must be used.
a. Multiple entry is permitted, but, teams must replace 1 bowler on their team to cash more than once in the prize list.
b. Multiple entry is permitted in the Optional Singles event, but, in no case shall the same individual be permitted to place more than once in the prize list. $5.00 per bowler choice of either scratch or handicap. $4.50 prize – $.50 expenses. Handicap is 100% of 220. 1 in 5 bowler’s cash. Scores are based on all 4 games!
c. Individual Brackets available. Both scratch and handicap available. $5.00 per bowler. $25 1st place, $10.00 second place, $5.00 expense. Brackets are based on your first 3 games bowled.
8. Tournament management will have the right to change lane assignment if there is a mechanical failure which would result in a wait of 10 minutes or more.
9. Premature termination of the Tournament brought about by war, national emergency, fire, labor difficulties or other reasons beyond the control of the Tournament Management shall cause the prize schedules to be prorated in accordance with the number of entrants who have bowled up to the time of termination.
10. Tournament Management reserves the right to re-rate any entrant and to accept or reject or reject any entry prior to bowling. If an entrant refuses to accept a re-rate, his or her entry will be rejected and the entry fee will be refunded.
11. All bowlers must be a member with USBC.

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