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Touchdown Club

Badger Bowl Touchdown Club



Badger Bowl is proud to announce it’s Touchdown Club!  You are probably asking yourself on what the Touchdown Club consists of.

  • Multiple games on TV’s
  • Free Wi-Fi available
  • Touchdown Club Card good fro 15% off of food and beverages on Monday Nights, Thursday Nights, Saturdays & Sundays during games
  • Prizes each quarter of games (Tailgate Party Tickets, T-Shirts, Football items and such on Monday Nights and Packers & Badger Games)
  • Year-end prizes with an entry for drawing each day present for football games (Monday Nights, Thursday Nights, and Packer & Badger Games
  • If your player scores, your table scores a free round of drinks.  (Table choose a player at random from a “hat”.  If that player scores a touchdown, the table scores a free round of drinks on Monday Nights and Packer & Badger Games.)

Purchase your club card below for only $20!


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