Badger Bowl


Badger Bowl Banquet Menu Appetizers

Hot Appetizers

Shrimp Rumaki $21.95/dozen

Water Chestnut Rumaki $9.95/dozen

Chicken Wings (BBQ, Buffalo, or Plain) $9.95/dozen

Crab Rangoon $6.95/dozen

Chicken Satay Served with Sweet Chili or Thai Peanut Sauce $24.95/dozen

Stuffed Mushrooms $21.95/dozen

Spring Rolls $14.95/dozen

Grilled Potstickers (Chicken or Pork) $9.95/dozen

Crap Cakes (made with real crab) $25.95

Pizza Crostini (Cheese, Vegetarian, or Meat Lovers) $55.00/full or $30.00/half

Spinach and Artichoke Dip $50.00/full or $30.00/half

Swedish Meatballs (Mushroom Gravy, BBQ, or Grape Tomato Sauce) $65.00/full or $40.00/half

Sesame Chicken $45.00/full or $25.00/half

Cold Appetizers

Texas Caviar $45.00/full or $25.00/half

Veggie Tray $60.00/full or $35.00/half

Bruschetta $60.00/full or $35.00/half

Fresh Fruit Tray $75.00/full or $50.00/half

Cheese and Crackers Tray $55.00/full or $35.00/half

Sausage and Cheese Tray $85.00/full or $45.00/half

Taco Dip $65.00/full or $40.00/half

Chips and Salsa $30.00/full or $20.00/half

Finger Sandwiches (Ham or Turkey) $85.00/full or $45.00/half

Shrimp Cocktail $16.95/dozen

Deviled Eggs (halves) $4.95/dozen

Meat and Cheese Roll-ups (Ham or Turkey) $9.95/dozen

Beef and Onion Roll-Ups $16.95/dozen


Full orders will serve approximately 50 people

Half Orders – Approximately 25 people

18% Gratuity will be added to all banquet orders, as well as 5.5% sales tax

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